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movie25.comIn this article we will review a site that provides a service which is watch movies online and its called has existed since mid 2008 and when we see from the content and services they provide, this website is very similar with other websites that provide kind of services such as and, even the birth year of this website is the same with movie2k although different in month. The clearly visible difference between these kind of websites are the design and some of the features provided.

On the main page of, visitors can see the Top 9 movies, which contains nine top movies in the “featured movies”. Although this column seems futile because under that column, visitors can immediately see another column that contains featured movies, so visitors were treated to the same information twice. In addition to the two columns, visitors can also see the menu of the search based on films genre in movie25 like comedy, action, drama, etc. Visitors of can also use the search for a movie they want based on the numbers and the alphabet and also based on movie released year.

Movie25 also use other methods to facilitate the search for movies in their database for the visitors who come to their website. The way they do that is by making a few pages such as new releases, latest added, featured movies, most viewed, and most voted. In addition visitors can also send a link to the movie they want to share through movie25, but of course they must register as a member of this website first. There are also ‘watch any movie’ links in the top menu bar which leads to another website which is a referral website.

What distinguishes with other similar website is the lack of TV links or pages that contain TV shows. Usually the other websites also provide a page that contains links from the tv show that can be viewed online, but you will not find that information here. They provide movies that screened at the cinema only.

When you visit a page from one of the film you choose, you can see brief information about the genre, time of release, commentary, and links to a page on that contains additional information from the film. Usually the other website already includes a brief synopsis of the movie storyline there, but it seems movie25 not feel the need to provide such information, but provide links to that contains additional information about the movie.

When we look at in terms of safety and legality of, their site is safe from the virus but we do not know about the websites that host the movies shown in movie25. Websites links from their page are xtshare example, nowvideo, nosvideo, vidxden, movshare, videoweed and much more. Although until now there is no malware problems of these sites, you should stay alert by using antivirus on your computer. They claim that what they are doing is legal because movie25 do not keep their movies at their website but it only shows the link on another site that have been mentioned above.


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